Vengeance Can Wait

Vengeance Can Wait Vengeance Can Wait navigates Japanese sub culture as it charts a different kind of love story A couple has the ideal domestic relationship he spends his days planning the perfect revenge while she aw

  • Title: Vengeance Can Wait
  • Author: Yukiko Motoya Kyoko Yoshida Andy Bragen
  • ISBN: 9780573700187
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vengeance Can Wait navigates Japanese sub culture as it charts a different kind of love story A couple has the ideal domestic relationship he spends his days planning the perfect revenge, while she awaits her perfect punishment Dark, twisted, and touching, the couple comes to understand the kinks in their relationship and embrace them.

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    • Vengeance Can Wait [Audio BOOK] UNLIMITED Δ Yukiko Motoya Kyoko Yoshida Andy Bragen
      285 Yukiko Motoya Kyoko Yoshida Andy Bragen
    Vengeance Can Wait

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